Diverse habitats support a variety of species.

Limpopo-Lipadi is blessed with a truly varied ecosystem and its diverse habitats and systems support an exciting range of species – from the biggest to the smallest.

The Tuli is famed for its elephants and a breeding herd with a good number of bulls roams the full expanse of the reserve. Nomadic lions pop up when least expected and plans are under way to reintroduce our own prides.

Leopards abound and are often seen. More than twenty distinct individuals have been identified within the Reserve by shareholders just within the most visited core areas on the western side of the reserve and near River Camp.

Our groundbreaking African wild dog reintroduction project has resulted in a healthy breeding pack of free-roaming dogs!

Cheetahs are also found, especially in the north where the bush is more open, and brown and spotted hyenas are regularly sighted across the reserve, including among the units in River Camp!

Expect to see hippos, crocodiles, monitor lizards and Cape clawless otters near the river (which hosts 37 fish species) and of course we have plenty of the smaller species like aardvark, aardwolf, jackal, caracal, African wild cat, genet, mongoose, baboon, vervet monkey, civet and honey badger.

A recent game count revealed very healthy populations of giraffe, impala, kudu, oryx, zebra, wildebeest, hartebeest, eland, bushbuck, waterbuck, klipspringer and other antelope species.

And for the bird lovers there are about 400 species, supported by habitats that range from lush riverine forest through dry mopane/combretum woodland, open acacia savanna and Kalahari sandveld to rocky koppies.

Our tree species include baobab, white seringa, leadwood, knobthorn, rock fig, Kalahari apple-leaf, green corkwood, weaping boerbean and mopane, among many others.


© Anmare Peck


© Magnus Hird