Peaceful, democratic and thriving.

Botswana is a peaceful, stable, multi-party democracy with a vigorous free-market economy and a small population (just over two million people). It’s a member of the Commonwealth, enjoys one of the world’s highest economic growth rates and has the highest GDP per capita in Africa.

On a global scale, Botswana ranks highly in four investment categories:

  • Administration and enforcement of regulations.
  • Environmental regulations.
  • Regulatory duplication and inconsistencies.
  • Tax regime.

Mining, tourism and farming are the largest industries, with a clear drive towards tourism as the main sustainable industry of the future. The government has zero tolerance towards crime and crime rates are very low.

Botswana’s government structures and processes are transparent and well established and the legal system works well, making Botswana very investment-friendly compared to many other countries.

The Botswana government fully supports wildlife and tourism developments, and ownership of rural land carries none of the political risk and uncertainty that still linger in other southern African countries.

In common with most countries worldwide, the government owns all mineral rights in Botswana and all land is subject to potential prospecting activity. There is a system of compensation should commercially viable minerals be discovered and mining commence. Historical prospecting activity in Limpopo-Lipadi has failed to deliver sufficient returns worthy of mining activity.


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