Working to preserve our part of Africa

At Limpopo-Lipadi we take a holistic approach, not only putting in the effort to protect the wildlife, but also the trees, vegetation and water quality. We are committed to sustainable development so that what we do now to meet our present needs will not compromise the needs of future generations.


Being honest, transparent and having strong moral principles in all that we do.


Demonstrating an intense desire and enthusiasm for our Reserve.

Shared Accountability

An obligation and willingness to accept responsibility for our individual and team actions.

Social Responsibility

Our combined and individual commitment to act in a balanced way in order to ensure the coexistence of our Reserve with the ecosystem and local communities.


Our commitment to the sustainable development of everything that we do in such a way as to ensure that what meets our present needs will not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.


Watching the animals go about their daily routines is the essence of a safari, but a great deal of thought and hard work must take place in order for this incredible experience to happen. The management staff of Limpopo-Lipadi must constantly monitor the ecological health of the reserve land and all it’s flora and fauna. This is accomplished by doing full geological surveys, by studying and conserving our underground water resources, by accessing the condition of our soil, grasses, bushes and trees that shelter our animals and taking remedial action as needed.

To this end we have undertaken aerial photography of the Reserve, walked hundreds of transects logging vegetation types and distribution, studied fish species in the river, and so much more.

The visible legacy of the farming days is fast disappearing as we continue to naturalize water holes, remove old cattle troughs and to cut new bush trails that meander through the veld while allowing arrow-straight cut-line roads to overgrow. Our ambitious conservation programme has come far and will continue as more challenges appear.

Following on the success of our wild dogs and lions, of future years will see more species re-introductions, continuing to build the diversity of this beautiful part of Botswana and assisting in returning it to its natural state. Careful management of the bush will be needed to ensure sufficient grazing exists all year round even in the driest periods, and to maintain the right balance of plains areas, woodland and everything in between. In doing so we will draw on the vast experience of our Reserve management team and their contacts throughout the conservation industry to ensure that Limpopo-Lipadi reaches it’s full potential as a jewel in the crown of the Tuli Block.