Make a difference, create a legacy, have fun.

Limpopo-Lipadi is a private game and wilderness reserve on the northern bank of the Limpopo River in Tuli Block, south-eastern Botswana. Our shareholders aim to make a difference, create a legacy, and have fun.

At 20 700 hectares, or 207 square kilometers, the reserve is large enough to sustain a natural predator–prey balance. Thanks largely to various types of habitat it has incredible biodiversity. Formerly farmland, the reserve is well along in the process of reverting to its natural state. Our restoration strategy is science-based, with no short cuts. The owners view the reserve as a “home away from home” in the African wilderness that empowers them to leave a conservation legacy without having to deal with the complexities and costs of personally managing their own game reserve. Owning a share entitles shareholders to visit the reserve, enjoy its facilities (including luxury lodges) and to get involved in conservation and community projects at their discretion. Our shareholders aim to make a difference, create a legacy, and have fun.

Our shareholders enjoy enormous personal satisfaction and ongoing enjoyment from their investment, and are proud to leave a legacy for future generations. Shares in our public company are priced in US dollars and enjoy the benefit of Botswana’s vibrant economy and status as a stable democracy and a member of the Commonwealth. Capital from share sales is used to acquire land, develop the reserve infrastructure, and to settle our development finance loan.


© Henneke Schouwenaar


© Anton Kruger