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Yes. As well as being stable, democratically governed and a member of the Commonwealth, Botswana has a zero tolerance towards crime and one of the world’s best-performing economies.

Botswana has one of the lowest crime rates in Africa. This is a very safe area and one seldom encounters people other than shareholders and reserve staff.

The operating expenses are funded from annual levies and usage fees per visit to the reserve. These levies and usage fees are kept as low as possible, and reviewed each year by the shareholders at the annual general meeting.

Yes, you may purchase a lockable tin trunk that is stored centrally and delivered to your lodge before you arrive.

Well-trained staff service the lodges in the camps and lodges. You may choose whether you want to be fully catered for, do your own catering, or book a cook to prepare your meals.

Currently only River Camp with its 7 lodges, with additional camps becoming available as they are completed.

The spouse/life partner of shareholders can visit the reserve at any time, with or without the shareholder, and bring guests.

You can visit as often as you wish, subject to Botswana tourism visa laws (currently 90 days per annum) and accommodation availability. We reserve the right to limit bookings of communal accommodation to 2 weeks at any one time. You may bring friends.

No. You own a fully tradable share in a public company that owns the freehold land and infrastructure thereon. You have shareholder rights as explained in this document and as defined in the Private Placement Memorandum.

Yes. The company or trust must, however, nominate a Sole Beneficial User (SBU) who must accompany all guests to the reserve and be responsible for their behaviour.

All share sales through our sole agent “Part of Africa”

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