Our shareholders are passionate bush-lovers keen on enjoying the Reserve and leaving a legacy for future generations.

Limpopo-Lipadi is currently owned by about 100 passionate, bush-loving shareholders from around the world – predominantly UK, Europe, USA and South Africa. These shareholders collectively own 233 of the 500 shares available. The remaining shares are now being offered for sale.

Meet a few of our shareholders

Magnus and Helen from England

‘We were seriously bitten by the Africa bug on our first trip to the continent in 1988. We often used to wonder if we could buy into a bush holiday home for people like us, who love being in Africa but don’t have the resources, knowledge or time to buy their own game reserve. And we wanted more involvement than to just visit now and then. We Googled the topic and stumbled upon Limpopo-Lipadi, and as the unique sense of owner involvement seemed exactly what we were after, we made enquiries. Now, a few years on, we visit Botswana and Limpopo-Lipadi as often as we can, sometimes staying for weeks on end as we get stuck into fantastic projects like GPS mapping the roads and staking out waterholes for leopard identification purposes. We also go to just chill out and soak up the safari experience.’

Thomas from Germany

‘Limpopo-Lipadi is a beautiful piece of land, offering great wildlife and a variety of vegetation. It’s vast and pristine. But what really makes the difference is the fact that Limpopo-Lipadi gives you the opportunity to get involved in projects at ground level, to enjoy and experience the African bush in so many ways and to become a part of the reserve.’

Mark and Liz from USA

‘We met in Zambia on safari and for the past decade have been looking for a property investment in Africa where we could actively contribute to the conservation of a significant chunk of wilderness and pass on our love of the bush to our children – a place that we could get to know intimately over the years and in every season. Limpopo-Lipadi is that place, and to share it with like-minded investors makes the experience even better.’

For discreet investment enquiries: enquiries@limpopo-lipadi.org


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