Limpopo-Lipadi Private Game Reserve, Botswana © Alessandra SoresinaLimpopo-Lipadi Private Game Reserve, Botswana


Motse Wildlife Volunteers is a new program at Limpopo-Lipadi Game Reserve in which the volunteers stay on the reserve and get hands on with reserve activities everyday. This includes tracking the African Wild Dogs, monitoring the lions, leopards, elephants and other important species, farm-to-wild rehabilitation work, collect data on vegetation and animals for university science projects and wildlife recovery, visiting the local villages to participate in community conservation and learning about wildlife and wildlife science.

Volunteers stay in a converted old farm house in the north of the reserve in comfort, with running hot water, electricity, wi-fi and tours run anytime of the year. Just five and a half hours from Johannesburg Airport, we are a very accessible corner of Botswana.

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Example Eco-Volunteer Itinerary (some activities seasonally dependent)

  • Field trip with the anti-poaching unit, in house lecture on field data collection.
  • Wild Dog tracking, identifying individuals and other observations.
  • Day trip to collect vegetation data on trees and grasses, with emphasis on bush encroachment management techniques.
  • Field work on construction of burms to slow erosion
  • Lecture on Community conservation and poaching, identifying weeds
  • Night spotlight drives.
  • Weed control (seasonal :queen of the night, prickly pear, thorn apple, water hyacinth, grass by electric fences).
  • Village cultural and school visit – Tsetsebjwe or Mathathane.
  • Bushman experience, walk and spoor tracking introduction, lighting a fire etc.
  • Cybertracker spoor survey. Birds survey sighting vs calling survey.
  • Inspection of beehives and other measures to protect infrastructure from elephants.
  • Many researchers conduct various projects at the game reserve; as such there may be fieldwork to do such as
    • Introduction to the on-going leopard research and lecture on identifying big cats and wild dogs, taking photographs of lion leopard and cheetah for research purposes
    • Small animal research, such as butterfly, dragonfly, gecko.
    • camera trap survey retrieval
    • elephant monitoring, elephant herd and lone bull observations.