Limpopo-Lipadi has a proud history of supporting conservation science.


We are particularly interested in supporting the fields of ecology, zoology, botany, landscape conservation, geology, hydrology, environmental engineering are some relevant fields for this project and believe that stone age archaeology, cultural should not be neglected.


Past projects include:

  • Leopard ecology
  • Elephant Ecology, herd and riparian vegetation impact.
  • Wild dog monitoring.
  • Termites.
  • Wild animal forensics (decomposition).
  • Grass survey Groundwater survey.
  • Predator monitoring
  • Ground hornbill reporting
  • Acquiring remote sensing NDVI imagery for vegetation.

Potential new projects we are looking for students for include:

  • Social animal research
  • Vulture tagging and research via the restaurant (Denver Zoo)
  • Regular spoor surveys for predators (Derek Keeping)
  • Internet/waterhole camera monitoring and ID of predators, seasonal usage of waterholes
  • Zebra ID from Camera trap (Wits University)
  • Brown Hyaena research
  • Bush encroachment and erosion research.
  • Groundwater quality and quantity research
  • Water retention

You can support research through donations to the [Motse Wildlife Project] or by becoming one of our stellar hard working Motse Wildlife Volunteers