Doing well by doing good.

Sustainability and responsibility are often-quoted bywords in business today, yet at Limpopo-Lipadi they are an integral part of what we do.

To be truly sustainable we have to attend to all three legs of the triple bottom-line tripod – people, planet and profit.

By its very nature, the rehabilitation of land, preservation of clean water and conservation of biodiversity cater to the needs of the planet. And of course our investment will only grow in value, as Limpopo-Lipadi meets its objective of becoming a world-class game reserve, leading to profit for shareholders. But our relationship with our neighbours and surrounding communities – the people – is also a critical part of true sustainability.

Local stakeholders were identified in the very beginning and are regularly consulted and involved in the operations of the reserve. The government of Botswana is also supportive of the reserve and we have received a presidential visit to see it at first hand.

Of course, providing employment to local villagers is a vital part of our commitment – but we have far more in mind. Our community program, MOTSE, progresses year by year and is opening up new opportunities for local people.

Most of our communities activities are carried out via our “Motse” community project for the benefit of our nearest local villages Tsetsebjwe and Moletemane.   Examples include our shareholders co-ordinating donations of books, sports equipment and other useful items for local schools, the erection of a water fountain and ATM at a local village, fencing materials removed from the Reserve donated to villagers so that they can better protect their livestock against wild animals and a creche built and kitted out in the Reserve so that staff members can better manage their parental duties.

As part of our commitment to education, we regularly host schoolchildren on the reserve. In the longer term, we are playing our role in the development of tourism in the Tuli Block and fostering the emergence of a range of hospitality skills amongst the local population.

We recognise that the ultimate success of Limpopo-Lipadi lies in a strong sense of involvement and commitment from the local community and we work hard to make sure that this sense of good neighbourliness continues.

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