An exemplary legacy for future generations.

Our vision for Limpopo-Lipadi is to return previously farmed and hunted land into the wild natural area it once was, with the return of the indigenous wildlife and vegetation, thereby recreating a healthy ecosystem and biodiversity and an exemplary legacy for future generations.

While aiming to create a superior shareholder-owner experience, we are at the same time providing education, jobs and other opportunities for neighbouring communities. 

As a secondary benefit, our investment should grow in value as the reserve restoration plan is implemented. Natural cycles last hundreds if not thousands of years and accordingly our strategy is long-term, with no short cuts. We will seek the advice of expert ecologists along the way, learning from them and using their experience to our advantage.

Ours then is an alternative model of game reserve ownership, where our shareholders may get involved at their discretion and according to their specific interests and where keen conservationists, safari lovers and wildlife enthusiasts can leave a personal legacy for future generations, that also happens to create wealth and provide enormous immediate satisfaction and enjoyment.


© Conrad Walker


© Conrad Walker