Limpopo-Lipadi Private Game Reserve, Botswana

Permanent water sustains our varied biodiversity.

The Tuli Block is an arid region and water is a vital life-blood for all life forms, including us. Summer rains sustain our diverse habitats through the dry winters, with a constant ebb and flow resulting from the seasonal cycles of stress and abundance.

The Limpopo, one of the most spectacular rivers in southern Africa, is in pristine condition – in fact, ‘Grade A’ in the South African National Water Affairs river classification system – at this point. The Limpopo River is in some places up to one kilometre wide and embraces many islands, some of which are up to two kilometres long and have been colonised by giant riverine trees. There are permanent pools in the river even during the most serious droughts, enabling the aquatic life to survive until the next period of plenty. Some of the Limpopo tributaries that run through the reserve are perennial and thus are also abundantly lined with trees. Subterranean dykes trap underground water that sustains trees and other vegetation and provides permanent water for boreholes and waterholes.


© Magnus Hird


© Magnus Hird