Mon 16 Mar 2020

Go away, leave my chicks alone!

With so many migratory and resident birdlife in the green months, there’s also a lot of nesting going on. Unfortunately, that means that there are also a lot of raptors circling, trying their luck. Read more about a young Wahlberg eagle trying his luck with some weaver parents.

Mon 13 Jan 2020

The Importance of Vultures

Let’s face it, vultures may not be the prettiest of birds. They are often reviled for their looks and have…

Mon 02 Sep 2019

Up in the air for the game count

Being an enclosed reserve means that we have to keep track of the number of animals, and particularly the balance…

Mon 29 Jul 2019

Cheeky, the naughty elephant in musth

For those of you who have yet to encounter him: meet Cheeky, the well-deserved nickname says it all for this…

Mon 22 Jul 2019

Sometimes the earth trembles in the bush

During our two-yearly game counts it’s always striking to see some high numbers of animals that you hardly ever see…

Mon 08 Jul 2019

Zebra Stripes: The Why of Sassy Prints

When you come to think of it, most mammals have pretty boring coats of brown or grey with some dapples…

Mon 06 May 2019

The business of a dwarf mongoose

All endemic creatures great and small are well represented in the Reserve, but where many people’s interest is often focused…

Thu 25 Apr 2019

A night under the stars

Some people ask why on earth anyone would trade a comfy bed in our lodges for a sleep out in…

Mon 11 Mar 2019

A European moving to Botswana…

As a reserve we are happy and proud to have – since almost two years – a full time researcher,…

Thu 07 Mar 2019

Under the Baobab Trees

Shareholder Karoly and company had a nice surprise when they stopped for sundowners: “One of our favourite places in the…

Tue 29 Jan 2019

Doing our bit to help

Realistic and responsible conservation involves some difficult choices, and when we negotiated the permit to protect lions on Limpopo-Lipadi Game…

Sat 12 Jan 2019

4 Day Shareholder’s Guiding Course

As a shareholder of Limpopo-Lipadi you have the perks of ‘sitting’ front row with our special activities like bush and…

Fri 21 Dec 2018

Feeling so privileged: bush walk with our rhinos

Just imagine: early morning, somewhere in the Reserve, lots of talking in Setswana on the radio, the anti-poaching team busy…

Fri 14 Dec 2018

Introducing Extra, who brings invaluable tracking skills

The world’s greatest trackers, the San peoples of the Kalahari, are peoples who grew up tracking African wildlife in the bush. They have…

Wed 05 Dec 2018

After the dehorning: unique research project on rhino stress level

With the dehorning of rhinos becoming more and more the way to prevent the poaching of horns across Africa, it…

Mon 03 Dec 2018

New team member: Savas, the sniffer dog

The newest addition to the anti-poaching team is a Belgian Shepherd called Savas. Originally trained in Scotland he joined Limpopo-Lipadi just a few…

Anti Poaching
Fri 12 Oct 2018

Keeping our rhinos safe

It is with pride that Limpopo-Lipadi wishes to announce the strong strides we as a Private Game & Wilderness Reserve…

Thu 16 Aug 2018

From the Research and Volunteers Co-ordinator

By Gabriella, Veterinarian Whether it’s an interesting sighting, a vehicle breakdown, or wildlife conflict situations close to the reserve, every…