Nature is not always pretty and for most animals it is eat or be eaten, for survival. So, if an accident or a fight happens and an animal dies this may be seen as sad, but it also provides a lot of food for a host of animals. Like in this instance. Some weeks ago, two male giraffes were seen fighting, slapping their necks to fight and oust a rival. Sometimes it’s play-fighting, but this fight was meant to show dominance. This normal behaviour can cause serious injuries and sometimes even lead to their death. In this case one of the giraffes didn’t live to tell. In the hours and days after the incident some brown hyena, spotted hyena, and jackals were inspecting the corpse, but it wasn’t until the flocks of white-backed and Cape vultures arrived that the bacchanal got started. Vultures are known to travel over hundreds of kilometres to find carrion and they arrived in droves during the first day, only taking a break in some large baobab trees for the night. After 2-3 days, and with a little help from the hyena’s and jackals during the night, they finished the carcass clean. Read more in one of our earlier blogs about the importance of vultures for healthy ecology: Click Here To Read More .

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