Many visit the African bush -
few get a chance to become part of it.

Motse Community
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Welcome to Limpopo-Lipadi

Welcome to Limpopo-Lipadi, a shareholder-owned wildlife and wilderness Reserve located on the banks of the Limpopo River in the Tuli Block, Botswana.

The Reserve consists of 20,500 hectares of biodiverse landscape, with abundant natural flora and fauna, and includes 14 kilometres of river frontage. Over 300 species of birds and most of the iconic species of Southern African wildlife can be found here, including several endangered and threatened species such as elephant, leopard, southern white rhinoceros, African wild dog and brown hyena.

The co-owners of the Reserve represent a variety of backgrounds and nationalities, all of whom have come together to preserve this unique piece of the African bush. The principal elements of our effort include rewilding land which was formally a cattle farm through habitat restoration, species reintroduction, and a strict no-hunting policy.

Furthermore we understand the importance of involving the local communities in this effort through the creation of employment, as well as through health and education initiatives.

Finally Limpopo-Lipadi offers a unique visitor experience and the chance to establish a lasting connection to the African bush through visiting, investing, or donating.

Our Vision

Limpopo-Lipadi seeks to be one of Southern Africa’s premier wildlife and wilderness Reserves by focusing on conservation, community, and a unique and flexible visitor experience.

Conservation & Research

Conservation is key to the ethos of Limpopo-Lipadi. Our efforts are focused on habitat restoration, species reintroduction, and the protection of endangered species.


Community is the bedrock upon which Limpopo-Lipadi is built. The Reserve staff is almost entirely made up of Botswana citizens and through the Motse Committee we support local schools and health clinics.


Enjoy a drink beside the Limpopo River; track African wild dogs or southern white rhino; visit us as an Eco-Supporter; have a bush dinner by firelight; or watch wildlife at a waterhole. Most importantly, enjoy Africa at your own pace. Come and see for yourself, at Limpopo-Lipadi!


If you have a passion for nature, a commitment to conservation, an interest in supporting local communities and are seeking a lifetime connection to the African bush, consider becoming a co-owner at Limpopo-Lipadi.


Support the ongoing conservation and community development efforts at Limpopo-Lipadi by donating to the Motse Community and Wildlife Conservancy, a Botswana corporation.