The Motse Community and Wildlife Conservancy (MCWC) is an independent non-profit established and supported by the shareholders of Limpopo-Lipadi Wildlife and Wilderness Reserve, in the Tuli Block, Botswana. 

MCWC exists for three distinct purposes – to empower and assist local communities through development projects and educational programming; to facilitate conservation efforts; and to conduct research through science-based research activities, with a specific focus on endangered species. A brief description of each of the campaigns is provided below.


Help fund healthcare, education & recreational projects

Motse means ‘community’ in Setswana, and the word contains letters from the names of the two villages closest to Limpopo-Lipadi – Moletemane and Tsetsebjwe.

Representatives from both villages collect proposals and Motse funds and manages the agreed upon projects. Your donation makes projects and programming possible in the fields of healthcare, education and recreation.


Help conserve wildlife and habitat

Protecting endangered species like the Southern white rhino, the African wild dog and the brown hyena is essential to preserving the southern African wilderness. Equally important is restoring and protecting habitat, including grasslands and forests, which are home to numerous species.

Both anti- poaching and wildlife and habitat management are key elements of our work that require substantial financial resources. Your donation can help fund rhino protection, elephant translocation and other important conservation projects in the Tuli Block.


Help fund scientific research

Research, conducted by using rigorous scientific methods, is the foundation for successful conservation, and your donation makes this research possible.

Conservation of wildlife and habitat involves studying, understanding and sometimes managing the complex relationships between the land and the species, particularly endangered species, that make up its biodiversity.

How to Donate

Donations to MCWC can be made by wire transfer (for wiring instructions, please contact, or for those donors who wish to contribute via credit card or US bank check, or who are US citizens or US private foundations, MCWC has partnered with Empowers Africa, a US based 501(c)3 corporation that supports various charities across Africa. Any donations made through Empowers Africa will be transferred directly to MCWC.
To donate through Empowers Africa, please click the button below
When you make your donation, please indicate if it is for Motse, Conservation or Research.