Our Team

At Limpopo-Lipadi we are proud that almost all our staff and management are Botswana citizens, and many come from nearby villages. We seek to be a good neighbour, by providing employment and career advancement opportunities.

Our team is happy to welcome you to Limpopo-Lipadi, whether you are a returning co-owner or a new guest. Here are a few members of the team and some of their thoughts about the Reserve.

Sandla (Anti-Poaching Unit)

We prioritise security. The company has invested so much on us through trainings and workshops. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this community. I enjoy living among wildlife and nature. The highlight of my career is part-taking in special wildlife operations such as translocations and monitoring of endangered species.

Thero (Anti-Poaching Unit)

Spending time ensuring that both our wildlife and property are protected is the highest priority for Limpopo-Lipadi. Me doing it, is a blessing. I have developed a unique bond with nature. Thank you, Limpopo-Lipadi, for entrusting me with this big responsibility.

Lucky (Guiding)

I enjoy interacting with my guests, especially potential co-owners. I make them see Limpopo-Lipadi from a point of adventure and fun. For the long time I have been with LL, and I continue to build relationships with my teammates and co-owners.

Gofaone (Chef)

Working for Limpopo-Lipadi means that I am afforded the time and space to showcase my art to my fullest capacity. This is possible through the teamwork with my co-workers and Limpopo-Lipadi management. I believe that cooking is an art, and my art is constantly evolving and challenged through preparing food for guests with different preferences. This helps me grow in my profession to equate international cooking standards. I find that very special.

Lebogang (Chef)

I have met and interacted with many co-owners. What sets Limpopo-Lipadi apart from other Reserves I have worked at, is the community of different co-owners from all over the world who have come together because of their love for conservation. I joined this company as a security guard and have since grown to be a chef! The kitchen is my happy place.

Onalenna (Housekeeping)

I enjoy the relationships we have built over the years with our co-owners. I joined this company in 2013 and I have grown ever since. During my spare time I enjoy studying, as I am preparing myself for exams. I would like to continue with Limpopo-Lipadi until I become a manager. To me Limpopo-Lipadi is a sanctuary of people and the planet!

Rebecca (Reservations)

Limpopo-Lipadi has contributed greatly to my career growth. I started off as I housekeeper and later got promoted to be head of the housekeeping department and I currently serve as a reservations officer. When I am not working, I enjoy sewing. I aspire to continue growing with my team. Viva Limpopo-Lipadi!

One (Procurement)

I am happy to be dealing with different clients and my colleagues. I strive for quality in every product or service we source for the company. What keeps me going in Limpopo-Lipadi are the happy people I interact with.

Actor (Guiding)

I like stories around wildlife, and I have lots and lots to share with my guests and colleagues. Limpopo-Lipadi is a happy place for me. I wish for Limpopo-Lipadi to grow beyond leaps and bounds!



Motse Community

Help us positively impact the lives of children and adults in the Tuli Block, Botswana!

The Motse Committee funds and oversees community outreach programmes requested by local community representatives. Motse means ‘community’ in Setswana, and is a combination of the first letters of Moletemane and Tsetsebjwe, the names of the 2 villages closest to Limpopo-Lipadi.

Most reserve staff come from these villages, and representatives of both villages sit on the Motse Committee, along with Limpopo-Lipadi shareholders.

Management and administration costs for Motse are covered by Limpopo-Lipadi, so 100% of funds received by Motse are spent on community projects.

Learn how Motse projects impact local communities