At Limpopo-Lipadi you take it easy and adjust to the relaxed rhythm of the bush.

It’s an experience that may start with following of wild dog spoor, a walk with our anti-poaching team to track our rhinos, strolling up one of our beautiful ‘koppies’ for a breath-taking sundowner or just waiting for animals to arrive at a waterhole. All in the presence of our experienced and knowledgeable guides. And if you’re lucky, you might just bump into a full-bellied leopard in a tree or be surrounded by a herd of elephant taking advantage of a mud bath in the process.

At Limpopo-Lipadi the journey truly is the destination. Any which way you want it – the African bush your way…

Your stay

The seven well-appointed lodges that make up River Camp have been carefully designed to create a sense of peaceful isolation for our guests, with great views of the Limpopo River.

Laze in a hammock in the shade of the trees, while bushbuck, impala, vervet monkeys, fish eagles, kingfishers and many other creatures indulge you with the mesmerizing sounds of the African bush. Occasionally you may even see elephant herds making their way through the riverbed or watch the resident warthog families graze nearby.

Unlike many lodges and camps, our safari activities do not operate on a rigid schedule. Whether you prefer to start before dawn in the hope of catching the last stalk of a leopard or rather lie in a while and meander along the river with one of our guides, stopping to examine tracks and watch wildlife from the hide – it is all possible here.

River Camp

Scattered over an 800-metre stretch of the Limpopo Riverbank, River Camp offers elegant catered accommodation in the heart of the African bush. Marvel at the abundant wildlife from one of our seven elegant lodges, each able to accommodate up to six guests. We go to extraordinary lengths to customise your experience with game drives, bush walks, bush dinners, campouts and much more.

Each lodge consists of two or three bedrooms, including a lounge and dining area, fully equipped kitchen, pantry and utility room, and braai/barbeque area overlooking the river. The bedrooms have en-suite facilities and larger bedrooms also provide you with outside showers. All bedrooms have full-length sliding doors, containing both glass and mosquito gauze, to allow the luxury of feeling like you are sleeping in the great outdoors.

The main common area offers a swimming pool, bar, restrooms, curio shop, and a dining area, for casual breakfast, lunch, drinks and/or dinner.

Game drives

Go on safari with one of our qualified guides and admire the truly diverse habitats that support our enthralling range of animal species, birdlife and flora. Drive through the lush riverine forests, open plains, breath-taking mopane forests, or baobab alley – all the while keeping an eye out for the resident game, unique to each habitat. And while you are at it why not indulge yourself at one of the two natural springs found on the eastern side of the Reserve.

Night-time game drives are an incredible experience and open up a new dimension to your safari, as many of the African wildlife species are largely nocturnal. Make sure to look up at the sky while on your night-time game drive, as the Milky Way will take your breath away.

Bush Walks and Viewing Hides

While game drives in open vehicles are the staple safari activity all over Africa, at Limpopo-Lipadi we like to do things differently. In addition to morning and afternoon drives you can engage in intimate wildlife viewings from one of the viewing hides, strategically placed across the Reserve – perfect for nature and wildlife art and photography enthusiasts.

Hike up Lipadi Hill with one of our qualified guides or take a stroll to the hippo hide to observe the hippos and crocodiles on the riverbanks. You can also track wild dogs on foot or fish from the banks of the Limpopo.

Visit one of our viewing hides on the edge of a waterhole for an amazing experience offering the opportunity for pictures of birds landing, leopards drinking and elephants splashing in the water.

Sleeping Out

A magnificent experience not to be missed during your stay at Limpopo-Lipadi is a camp-out under the incredible Milky Way, where you get so close to nature that it feels like you become a part of it.

Sundowners and Bush Dinners

Enjoy sundowners on one of the Reserve’s “koppies” while overlooking the breath-taking vistas or simply sit back and relax with friends under a baobab tree, enjoying a bush dinner prepared by one of our chefs.

Whilst you are free to picnic across the Reserve, either in one of our designated spots or on the bonnet of the Land Cruiser somewhere in the bush, there is something incredibly special about a dining room in the midst of the bush. “Eat out” Limpopo-Lipadi style!

Rhino Walks

As has been the case for a long time, our rhinos are monitored 24/7 by our Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) and the Botswana Defence Force. Furthermore, they are dehorned every year, have been micro-chipped and SmartParks technology supports the effort to keep the rhinos safe.

A truly unique experience at Limpopo-Lipadi is the possibility to join the anti-poaching squad on their daily mission to track each and every rhino. On foot they identify the tracks of the individual rhino and follow them until they find the rhino. We offer the opportunity to walk along and find the rhino, an exhilarating experience to track them first through sometimes dense bush and get eye to eye with these magnificent and endangered species.

Track Wild Dogs

Wild dogs are Limpopo-Lipadi’s emblematic species. Highly endangered in all of Africa (about 6,000 individuals left) we are lucky enough to have a healthy pack of wild dogs at the Reserve. With their velocity they can easily cover some 40 kilometres a day, which means they can sometimes be notoriously difficult to find, especially in the green season when the bush is thick. What does of course give them away, are their tracks. And this is how our experienced guides can ‘read’ their path and oftentimes find them.

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