If you are passionate about the African bush and want the opportunity to become part of it, consider an investment in Limpopo-Lipadi.

By becoming a co-owner of the Reserve, you will join a group of like-minded conservation-oriented individuals seeking more than the traditional shorty-stay safari experience offered by commercial game lodges. Our co-owners want a more permanent connection to Africa and the chance to have an impact.

Limpopo-Lipadi’s co-owners come from a variety of countries including Australia, the Netherlands, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, New Zealand, Singapore, and the US. What has drawn these investors together is a shared passion for nature, a commitment to conservation, an attraction to Africa and – most importantly – a desire to experience Africa on their own terms as a direct owner of this unique Reserve. We invite you to consider an investment in Limpopo-Lipadi to join this group and become a part of the African bush.

An investment in Limpopo-Lipadi takes the form of a US dollar denominated purchase of one or more shares in Limpopo-Lipadi Botswana Investments Limited, a public registered company in Botswana. Botswana welcomes foreign investment and has had a multi-party stable democracy since 1964. The rule of law governs and is based largely on the British legal system. The economy is generally prosperous with the principal contributors being diamonds (Botswana is the second largest producer in the world), copper mining, agriculture and high-end low-environmental impact tourism. It has one of the highest levels of per capita GDP in Africa.

For more information about investing in Limpopo-Lipadi, please fill out the application form to receive more information via our General Manager, or contact him directly:

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