Breeding Herd Up Close

By: Limpopo-Lipadi | Date: June 25, 2024 | Reserve

It had been a while since these co-owners had seen the breeding herd out in the open. Here is their story: “After having followed the tracks and seeing glimpses when crossing the road there had not been a real good opportunity to see them properly. Then, one late afternoon upon arriving at Mogorosi waterhole, there the elephants were in their full glory! For more than an hour we witnessed them parading in and out of the water, taking mud maths and showers of sand. The small ones were frolicking with grass they had pulled out, rolling around in the mud and just simply playing with each other. While we were batting the mopane bees away from us, the elephants took their time to enjoy the water. After an hour or so the sun was now setting quickly, and they were starting to make a move. They decided to move past us at a very short distance, which can be a daunting experience. Keeping very quiet in the car we waited until it was safe to reverse and make our move away from the breeding herd. The matriarch and one of her sisters made a half-hearted mock charge to show us who is boss in this territory, and we quickly made way for them. Off they went, into the sunset…” Want to be a part of Limpopo-Lipadi’s adventures? For discreet information on share sales, contact To book a safari, request our rates via or via WhatsApp: (+267) 76770191.