As a shareholder and guest at Limpopo-Lipadi you have the perks of sitting (or in this
case: walking) front row with some of our unique activities, like going on a bush walk
with our recently arrived tracker Extra (or his brother Service). Extra has joined us
from Central Botswana, where his people – the San – are known as the world’s
greatest trackers.

During our short walk Extra opened our eyes to a new world when showing how to
look in a different way to the forensic ‘evidence’ of the presence of animals, insects
and birds. We slowly followed him as he was scanning the surroundings, following
the spoor, analysing their freshness and dung. Damaged bark on a tree was
inspected for residues of hair (wildebeest), wild dog tracks were observed but had
lost their freshness, dung was attributed to impala, and so on. 

When prompted a little, Extra told about the way his people live. He told us about
hunting with a bow and arrow, making tools, bags and instruments by using every
part of the animals they would hunt, lighting fires with materials gathered from the
bush and much more.

This unique bush walk with Extra can be arranged for you during your stay at