Pula, pula, pula, rain, rain, rain: it has been an excellent rainy season until now, which is we very much appreciate after a couple of years of sub-optimal rain. The bush is lush and green, and the roads are sometimes like streams. Read Malcom’s story about what can happen if you try to avoid an obstacle on the road:

“The soaking rains we have experienced at the reserve over the past two weeks are so welcome and the reserve has responded gratefully with an outburst of greenery and the birth of countless impala, wildebeest and zebra offspring. Unfortunately, it is a double-edged sword and means that one must be sure to keep to the tracks and not to stray off the road for even on foot. This is what happened when we tried to avoid a terrapin turtle, who popped his head up just in time for us to take evasive action. Unfortunately, a one-second reflex action turned into a two-hour challenge to get unstuck again!”

Photos: Malcolm Campbell & family