When the borders opened, new shareholder, Alessandro couldn’t hold himself back any longer and made his way to Limpopo-Lipadi at the very first opportunity. Here is his first story:

“Where there is water, there is life. After the exceptional rains this summer, the reserve is still beautifully green and the animals are enjoying the vegetation. The Limpopo River flows slowly, like a sleepy giant resting after the race. The animals can find sources of water everywhere, so they do not have to rely on the waterholes. As a result, the bush is very thick and sightings are less frequent. Nevertheless, when you have the chance to see the wildlife surrounded by the colours of the green season, the sense of awe is even higher. At least that is what happened to me.

I was disappointed when I had to cancel my first trip as a new shareholder. I spent a year looking forward to finally opening the box that I bought! Equipped with a deep and genuine love for nature and a camera driven by my passion for photography, I finally had the chance to go this April. It was my first trip to Botswana, and my first time at Limpopo-Lipadi. I had visited Africa in the past, but mostly in the dry season.

What I discovered inside the box definitely exceeded my expectations. The reserve boasts extraordinarily diverse wildlife and vegetation. I plunged into it as a guest visiting his new friends’ home and the best part of my experience has been the learning process. Thanks to the long time spent with John (our guide during most of the time) out in the bush, his deep knowledge and experience helped me to get to know the place, to understand animal behaviour, to scratch well below the surface, which is an essential part of every journey, in my opinion.

The images I’ve chosen are a selection of personal discoveries of this very green season. They remind me—and all of us—that it is both a privilege and a great responsibility to be part of this project, and that we have to take care of it.”

Photos: Alessandro Gruzza