It’s no secret that we carry a special torch for wild dogs here at Limpopo-Lipadi. These endangered canines are protected on our reserve. Here are ten interesting facts you might not have known about African wild dogs.

1. Wild dogs are unique to Africa.
2. Wild dogs are also called painted dogs (because of their irregular red, black, brown, white, and yellow fur coats).

3. Each wild dog has a unique coat pattern, much like humans have fingerprints.
4. Wild dogs only have four toes.

5. Wild dogs are different from domestic dogs, although they share a common ancestor with wolves.
6. Wild dogs are excellent hunters, with a success rate that far outnumbers their biggest rival, the lion.

7. Their large round ears are used as radar and are an excellent tool for hunting.
8. They are nomads, travelling up to 50 km in a single day.

9. Wild dogs are very social and incredibly caring and co-operative towards the members of their pack. They even care for the sick or injured.
10. Wild dogs were once found in 39 countries in Africa. Today, they are only found in Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.