Recently, shareholder Mauro spent some exceptional days with family and friends at Limpopo-Lipadi. One night he took out his camera and… Read his story here: “There is the African sky and then there is the Limpopo-Lipadi sky during the cold, crisp evenings without humidity to disturb the sharpness of the photograph … This in itself merits the airplane ticket to come all the way from Italy to the Reserve. I love to make timelapse videos, and when I discovered the feature on my camera, I couldn’t resist trying it out immediately. I stepped out in the evening to test it out and here’s what happened!” Want to be a part of Limpopo-Lipadi’s adventures? For discreet information on share sales, contact To book a safari, request our rates via WhatsApp: (+267) 75995115.

Video: Mauro Odolini