Earlier this year, the Motse Committee (the community outreach arm of Limpopo-Lipadi) purchased much-needed medical equipment for clinics in the villages of Tsetsebjwe and Moletemane. Included were items such as multi-function hospital beds, glucose meters and infant and adult scales, all items requested as urgent by the clinics. The purchase and delivery were coordinated by Limpopo-Lipadi’s General Manager, Tumo Mothudi. In appreciation of the donations, the Tsetsebjwe Clinic organized a reception with over 20 people including village leaders and Motse Community Committee members.
Motse means ‘community’ in Setswana, the language most widely spoken in Botswana, and is also a combination of the first letters of Moletemane and Tsetsebjwe, the names of the two villages closest to Limpopo-Lipadi. If you would like to help us fund these vital needs, please contact: ceo@limpopo-lipadi.org. All donations go 100% to the projects.

Photos: Alison Nicholls