Shareholders Paul and Cheryl have over the years compiled an incredible amount of data and stories of the Reserve’s wild dog population. Here is an update on the latest, from their last visit end of 2022.
“Two Spots, Limpopo-Lipadi’s great old mother dog and her long-time mate both died in 2019, leaving a gap, that seems filled now. A new alpha pair has settled in and after just one puppy in 2021 the pack is now once again raising a large litter of eleven. Of course, we wanted to see them! This proved to be quite a challenge initially and 12 days passed without us even seeing the tip of a tail from a wild dog. The pack had decided to make a most inaccessible place in the reserve their temporary home: the very top of Lipadi hill. They spend 10 consecutive days on the mountain – possibly in a cool cave? – and only briefly descended during the nights drinking at Lubbesrust and hunting in the vicinity. The puppies seemingly did not even leave the mountain for more than a week, as nobody saw them, and no tracks were found. This is unexpected, as at an age of 3 months the young dogs are already very mobile. They are very much able to follow the pack throughout the reserve, even if they cannot yet follow a hunt.
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