Mon 01 Jun 2020

Elephant Close Encounter

Reserve manager, Duane and general manager, Glen, and a handful anti-poaching and staff members are the only ones left on the reserve during the Botswana lockdown. Read about their close encounter with an unhabituated elephant cow during a patrol.

Mon 25 May 2020

Leopard Overload

Paul and Sheryl Freund have had some incredible leopard sightings. This past November was no exception. The heat had many animals drinking at Tholo dam, including some leopards, who only came out at dusk or at night. Read about Paul and Sheryl’s sightings here.

Mon 18 May 2020

Meeting Again: All Grown Up

In 2018 Aileen Oosterling many hours with four lion cubs, watching the play and goof around with each other. Two years later, she got to see them again! All grown up now and on their own, away from the pride.

Mon 11 May 2020

Those Brave but Shy Honey Badgers!

Honey badgers are formidable fighters and not even lions want to mess with them. But, they are shy and not very often seen. Paul and Cheryl Freund were lucky enough to see them for a few seconds before they disappeared in a hole.

Tue 28 Apr 2020

Watch out for the Leopard Thief!

There are guests at Limpopo-Lipadi that come to the reserve and claim to hardly ever see a leopard. Then you have others who prove the opposite. Last November shareholders Paul and Cheryl had numerous incredible viewings.

Mon 20 Apr 2020

Weave to Impress

Shareholder Aileen has been spending a lot of time at the reserve lately and gladly shares her sightings and stories with us. This time she writes about the many southern masked weavers building their nests.

Mon 06 Apr 2020

Last Game Drive Before Closure

Ryan and his guests were the last shareholders at the reserve before it closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Game drives were generally disappointing. But then, at Middle Plains, they saw her. A fit lioness, looking for her next meal.

Mon 30 Mar 2020

Airstrip congregation

Life in the bush is not a walk in the park. You always have to be on high alert and vigilant about the danger lurking behind every tree or bush. Sticking together on open terrain is a very good way to steer clear of lurking danger.

Mon 23 Mar 2020

Leopard stroll towards dinner.

In the green season it may take some effort to spot animals between the vibrant green bushes and tall grass. But sometimes it’s just luck when you almost literally stumble across a leopard, about to get her paws on dinner. Watch the video of one such an encounter at Limpopo-Lipadi.

Mon 16 Mar 2020

Go away, leave my chicks alone!

With so many migratory and resident birdlife in the green months, there’s also a lot of nesting going on. Unfortunately, that means that there are also a lot of raptors circling, trying their luck. Read more about a young Wahlberg eagle trying his luck with some weaver parents.

Mon 09 Mar 2020

A memorable stay at Limpopo-Lipadi

A couple of months ago, shareholder Ian visited the reserve with a friend from Germany. They saw almost every wild African animal on the reserve, except for the buffalo. They had a wonderful time and even played a little football with some of the anti-poaching guys.

Mon 02 Mar 2020

Wild dogs on a mission

One of the upsides of being a shareholder, is that you have the reserve to yourself from time to time. It’s also a downside because there’s no one to alert you of amazing sightings. Luckily, on a quiet morning, we heard a call over the radio of a wild dogs sighting. Read here.

Mon 24 Feb 2020

Birds of a feather

Summer at its heights means that it is birding galore at Limpopo-Lipadi, with so many migratory birds taking up residence at the Reserve in this period. Anton Kruger and family spent a couple of days at the Reserve recently and shared some of their ‘catches’ with us. Enjoy!

Mon 17 Feb 2020

Bath time!

During a sundowner self-drive in October last year, shareholders Clive and Jill saw a spectacular brown hyena, soaking up the sun and taking a bath in Tholo Dam. It was quite a sighting. Read about it here.

Mon 10 Feb 2020

Safari with kids

Anton Kruger is a shareholder of Limpopo-Lipadi, who always surprises us with his beautiful photos and stories. He tells about his most recent visit in the ‘green season’, making it clear that going on a safari is a great adventure for all, even for small kids. Read his story and enjoy his fantastic photos.

Mon 03 Feb 2020

I’m stronger than you are

The Elephant breeding herd is often followed by several young males and, just like young human lads, they want to…

Mon 27 Jan 2020

So happy to see you!

Sometimes, the simple act of sitting in a hide opens you up to the most incredible sightings. Read Martina’s story of a herd of elephants that seemed to unite with some old friends. I must have been quite a sight!

Mon 20 Jan 2020

Impala into the Wild(erness)

It is so important to avoid overgrazing popular waterholes by luring territorial animals like impala to other grazing areas. In this pursuit, we’ve introduced a new waterhole at Limpopo-Lipadi, called Wilderness. Read more about it on our blog!

Mon 13 Jan 2020

The Importance of Vultures

Let’s face it, vultures may not be the prettiest of birds. They are often reviled for their looks and have…

Mon 06 Jan 2020

A ‘Tail’ of Two Badgers

Shareholders Clive and Jill were privileged to see not one, but two of the notoriously fearless (but shy of humans) honey badgers taking on a python in a small umbrella thorn tree! It was quite a sight! Read more on our blog!

Tue 17 Dec 2019

Zebra overload

Patience really is a virtue. Even when you feel like there are no more animals left on the reserve, if you patiently wait, they will come to you. Hunker down in a hide and wait it out!

Mon 09 Dec 2019

Not just your average week at the reserve

Shareholder Guido van Toorenburg recently had an extraordinary few sightings at Limpopo-Lipadi. Not only did they see one of the cheetah brothers that everyone assumed had left the reserve, they also saw not one, but two lion kills! It was an exciting stay this time around! Here is his story.

Mon 02 Dec 2019

It’s all a matter of luck

The more time you spend on the reserve, and especially at waterholes, the more likely you are to see some very special events.

Mon 25 Nov 2019

Bushbuck Keeping us Company

So, as bushbucks are abundant around the lodges, they are less so in the rest of Botswana, and we cherish their company, with the little munching noises and the crackling of leaves and branches.

Mon 18 Nov 2019

Taking your Best Shot at Birding

Bird photography is a special form of wildlife observation. It requires a good eye and a good camera. With the enormous variety of bird species at Limpopo-Lipadi, it is definitely worthwhile to invest a bit of time and effort into birding.

Mon 11 Nov 2019

Sundowner Time

For many of us, sundowner time is the best time of the day. The golden hour just before the sun sets creates the most beautiful light for photography, nocturnal animals come out, and it is the time for drinks at a well-chosen spot to enjoy the light, the animals and the company you’re in.

Mon 04 Nov 2019

A Morning in the Life of a Shareholder

Long-time shareholders, Walt and Thea have been frequenting Limpopo-Lipadi on a regular basis. When they come, they like to stay…

Mon 28 Oct 2019

Take your cues from the elephants—get out your sunscreen

Summer is here and it is getting hot out there, so we need to protect ourselves from the blistering sun. But it’s not just us humans who need to watch out for sunburn. Some animals do too.

Mon 21 Oct 2019

Flash appearance of the wild dogs

A couple of years ago, Limpopo-Lipadi had a large pack of the endangered African wild dogs. What a delight it was to encounter them so regularly out on their hunts, or lazing around near a waterhole or in the shade.

Mon 14 Oct 2019

Bush pigs out in the open

The elusive bush pig is one such creature that hardly ever shows his snout, especially not during daytime.

Mon 07 Oct 2019

Lion snacking on impala

Having a good number of lions in the reserve does not necessarily mean that you stumble over them in our 200-something square kilometres. And so, on some visits, you may start giving up on the idea of seeing lions.

Mon 23 Sep 2019

Too close for comfort: held hostage by 13 elephants

Game viewing was calm, very calm. All the radios were quiet, apart from the guides chatting and updating each other…

Mon 16 Sep 2019

A hike along the mighty Limpopo River

Limpopo-Lipadi is proud to have 14 kilometres of beautiful Limpopo river frontage, with its precious ecosystem and riverine trees and…

Mon 09 Sep 2019

At last we found the cheetahs

While on the look-out for a good viewing of the lion pride, shareholder Woody got a much better surprise during…

Mon 26 Aug 2019

Early morning lion roars

Sometimes you are woken during the night or in the early hours of the morning by a sound that can…

Mon 19 Aug 2019

Scary moments: charging to protect the breeding herd

If you ask one of our guides which animal they fear most, they unequivocally answer: elephant. Gentle giants usually, but…

Mon 12 Aug 2019

The otherworldly looking brown hyena

The spotted or striped hyena takes the spotlight in movies like the Lion King, while the brown hyena usually takes…

Mon 05 Aug 2019

Hides – the places where your coffee gets cold

Happy memories of shareholder Martina, where she expected the unexpected: “During one of our visits, we decided to spend a…

Mon 29 Jul 2019

Cheeky, the naughty elephant in musth

For those of you who have yet to encounter him: meet Cheeky, the well-deserved nickname says it all for this…

Mon 22 Jul 2019

Sometimes the earth trembles in the bush

During our two-yearly game counts it’s always striking to see some high numbers of animals that you hardly ever see…

Mon 15 Jul 2019

Breath-taking: the exhilarating climb up Lipadi Hill

Located in the midst of the rather flat area of the Tuli Block we are lucky to have a few…

Mon 24 Jun 2019

Sundowner surprise

The sunsets in Africa are unbelievably beautiful and the sundowner drinks are an essential African safari tradition. But selecting the…

Fri 14 Jun 2019

Birds of a feather

During their last stay at Limpopo-Lipadi Anneke and Gerben van de Wetering were so lucky to break their own –…

Mon 10 Jun 2019

Splashing elephants in fast forward

How lucky can you get: as a volunteer doing a bird and mammal count from inside the Mogorosi hide and…

Mon 03 Jun 2019

Lion pride revisited

Yes, we are fond of all our lions in the Reserve. And yes, you may have seen the pretty photo…

Mon 20 May 2019

Kudu at Cabbageland Dam

Kudu is abundant at Limpopo-Lipadi but notoriously hard to spot, as they are always on high alert and very quick…

Mon 13 May 2019

Leopard in tree

A slow morning, not much happening, it was heating up quickly, so we decided to head back to the lodge….

Mon 06 May 2019

The business of a dwarf mongoose

All endemic creatures great and small are well represented in the Reserve, but where many people’s interest is often focused…

Thu 18 Apr 2019

Say Cheese!

Sitting in the hide at Mogorosi one morning it was quite a calm affair: guinea fowls quarrelling, doves bathing, impala…

Thu 18 Apr 2019

Embarrassed Elephant

As can happen on safari, we came round a bend in the road to be confronted by a large bull…

Mon 15 Apr 2019

A Stormy Night

It was a stormy evening drive, with electric storms in the far. As bush lovers know: most animals make sure…

Mon 08 Apr 2019

Yawning and Stretching

Some of our lions seem to have a particular liking to make themselves comfortable right in the middle of Limpopo-Lipadi’s…

Thu 04 Apr 2019

White Storks gather for a meet-up at Limpopo-Lipadi

The first story: “As we drove up on the Middle Plains last week we were struck by a strange sighting…

Mon 01 Apr 2019

Snapshotting through the night

After a long hot day, while we are happily snoring away at our lodges, many animals take advantage of the…

Thu 28 Mar 2019

At last the lion pride made an appearance…

As shareholders we are so privileged to be able to come back to Limpopo-Lipadi on a regular basis and call…

Mon 25 Mar 2019

The cheeky warthog

Motse volunteer, Helen, shares a story of one of her favourite animals, the cheeky warthog! “I love sitting in the…

Mon 18 Mar 2019

Rhino greeting ceremony: happy to see you!

Rhinos are fiercely territorial which doesn’t make them Mother Nature’s most social animals. Especially once they reach adulthood they mainly…

Fri 15 Mar 2019

On the look-out for an evening meal

A common resident and yet always a good surprise to find: A spotted eagle owl perched on a branch while…

Tue 05 Mar 2019

A rough night out in the reserve!

The perks of being the general manager of Limpopo-Lipadi: living smack bam in the middle of the reserve, with all…

Wed 27 Feb 2019

Leopard Comes for Morning Tea

What are the odds: drinking your morning tea, taking a bite from your banana muffin and then … something moves in the corner of your eyes.

Thu 21 Feb 2019

How to build a nest fit for a lady

At Limpopo-Lipadi we have numerous trees that look like somebody hung dozens and dozens of lampions for decoration. But if…

Mon 18 Feb 2019

Giraffe calf first steps: clumsily but steadily

Although giraffes may not have a special season for giving birth, this giraffe calf was born in the middle of…

Mon 11 Feb 2019

The elusive aardvark shows its snout!

Although this photo will not ever win a prize in a photography contest for its spectacular light or creative angles,…

Fri 01 Feb 2019

Appreciating the small things in life

Often the only focus on game drives are big furry/hairy stuff. The focus is always on finding, lion, leopard, elephant…

Tue 22 Jan 2019

Leopards – sometimes elusive, sometimes plentiful

The ‘green season’ is upon us as we speak, with a completely different arena of wildlife viewing than in other…

Fri 18 Jan 2019

Happy tidings: It’s the baby time of the year (well, for some animals)!

Around the time that the rainy season kicks in, is also the time that some animal species choose to have…

Fri 04 Jan 2019

Havoc in the hammocks

Ever so regularly we get a gentle reminder that at Limpopo-Lipadi we are really out in the bush and possibly…

Fri 28 Dec 2018

African wild dogs sneeze: let’s go for a hunt!

At the end of a windy and rather cold afternoon, just before sunset, we ran into one of our wild…

Mon 17 Dec 2018

Play or fight? That’s the question…

At Limpopo-Lipadi we are lucky to have a healthy population of giraffes, which are a regular sight in all seasons….

Mon 10 Dec 2018

I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine

A troop of baboons can be a noisy bunch, screeching, fighting, playing, climbing up and down their favourite trees, using…

Wed 21 Nov 2018

Dusty encounter at sunset

At the end of the dry season, the air and atmosphere at Limpopo-Lipadi is so full of dust from as…

Sun 02 Sep 2018

Gentle giants on our doorstep

Just after lunch while reading a book at the riverfront, a herd of 12 elephants emerged, making their way to…

Thu 30 Aug 2018

Waterbuck for brunch

While having his morning coffee, Ted noticed two waterbucks fighting. They disappeared behind some thick bush, making thumping noise and…

Thu 30 Aug 2018

A steenbokkie kind of week

While normally it is impala galore in Limpopo-Lipadi, the last couple of days the lovely steenbokkie is the star of…

Thu 30 Aug 2018

Look at those jaws

An early morning drive with the sun just putting some beautiful backlight on a hyena couple. She is definitely the…

Thu 30 Aug 2018

View to a kill

One of our guides called on the radio that he had found a leopard with her impala prey, climbing up…

Thu 30 Aug 2018

Proud of our lion pride

On a morning drive to bump into our lion pride at Mbusi is the best start of the day you…