Mon 09 Mar 2020

A memorable stay at Limpopo-Lipadi

A couple of months ago, shareholder Ian visited the reserve with a friend from Germany. They saw almost every wild African animal on the reserve, except for the buffalo. They had a wonderful time and even played a little football with some of the anti-poaching guys.

Mon 30 Sep 2019

Wildlife Art in Tsetsebjwe

Limpopo-Lipadi shareholder and artist, Alison Nicholls leads multiple safaris every year for people from all over the world to teach them how to draw and paint while enjoying the bush and its animals.

Anti Poaching
Mon 01 Jul 2019

Watch out for our K9-unit!

In our anti-poaching efforts to keep our wild animals out of harms’ way, we have our canine unit (K9) constantly…

Mon 10 Jun 2019

Splashing elephants in fast forward

How lucky can you get: as a volunteer doing a bird and mammal count from inside the Mogorosi hide and…

Anti Poaching
Mon 27 May 2019

Walking the fence

Every day our guys from the anti-poaching unit not only drive around and locate our (dehorned) rhinos, but among many…

Thu 25 Apr 2019

Of thorn apples and added spice

Our volunteers do all kinds of work in the Reserve to try and bring back nature as it used to…

Thu 25 Apr 2019

A night under the stars

Some people ask why on earth anyone would trade a comfy bed in our lodges for a sleep out in…

Thu 11 Apr 2019

Tsetsebwje’s school kids in the bush

For three consecutive days, we welcomed three-game drive vehicles full of local school children, enjoying a day in the Reserve,…

Mon 08 Apr 2019

Yawning and Stretching

Some of our lions seem to have a particular liking to make themselves comfortable right in the middle of Limpopo-Lipadi’s…

Thu 16 Aug 2018

From the Research and Volunteers Co-ordinator

By Gabriella, Veterinarian Whether it’s an interesting sighting, a vehicle breakdown, or wildlife conflict situations close to the reserve, every…