Just imagine: early morning, somewhere in the Reserve, lots of talking in Setswana on the radio, the anti-poaching team busy trying to locate the whereabouts of our white rhinos… And then: tracks that were found, meaning that there may be some rhinos in the vicinity. Then: being picked up from your game drive vehicle by the anti-poaching team and following them in silence while they track the spoor of one or more rhinos. We swiftly make progress through the bush, while looking around us and taking some scratches from the umbrella thorn and … there we all of a sudden are, so close to them. The members of the anti-poaching team call the rhinos by their names and talk some reassuring and soothing words, to make them aware of our presence. Although they look calm and quite relaxed, these are still wild animals and should always be dealt with caution and respectful distance.
Although most shareholders grasp the opportunity to do a bush walk every time they come to Limpopo-Lipadi, we never grow tired of it. It is always a moving experience to see these magnificent, endangered animals while on foot and to be able to come so close to them.