The ‘green season’ is upon us as we speak, with a completely different arena of wildlife viewing than in other seasons. But that doesn’t stop us from sharing this simply beautiful shot of a young male leopard quenching his thirst at one of our waterholes.
This sighting was taken before the first rains when the waterholes across Limpopo-Lipadi are a very active space. This lucky shareholder had nine fantastic viewings of five different leopards in a week’s time. While our Reserve is home to more than 24 identified individual leopards and probably some more that keep themselves well-hidden for us, there are weeks that shareholders are less lucky and don’t see any at all.
But what makes Limpopo-Lipadi unique, is that as co-owners we are all recurring guests on our ‘slow safaris’ and we know that next time we will find those leopards again!