The elusive aardvark shows its snout!

Mon 11 Feb 2019

Although this photo will not ever win a prize in a photography contest for its spectacular light or creative angles, nor for its endearment or beauty, it is definitely noteworthy for the elusive nocturnal creature that was captured: the aardvark.

The solitary aardvark is not on the list of endangered species, but since it is so rare to see it (let alone capture it on camera, when he zigzags ever so swiftly out of the lamp lights), this shareholder was very surprised to find this strange-looking fellow near one of the lodges when coming home after an evening drive.

Aardvarks live in burrows that they dig with their impressive claws and they live on a diet of ants and termites. With a range of up to 10-30 kilometres they forage for their daily food, so who knows if or when he will show his snout again near the lodges. Unless it turns out that he was close to home as well…