Although giraffes may not have a special season for giving birth, this giraffe calf was born in the middle of the green season, adding more baby joy to this season. It was found right beside the road, with his mother munching on leaves just a couple of metres away. It was probably born that same day or the day before, by the looks of the fresh umbilical cord dangling from his tummy and the horns still flat on his head.

Baby giraffes know how to walk and run within instants after they are born. A skill that is as important as any for survival, as there are always predators on the lookout for those babies as easy prey. Well, not really that easy, with a giraffe mother who will do anything to protect her calf, standing over her calf and kicking away a predator with her mighty hooves.

In this instance was incredibly cute to see from so close how the calf clumsily got to his feet and – at first quite wobbly – found his way back to his mother.