Leopard Comes for Morning Tea

Wed 27 Feb 2019

What are the odds: drinking your morning tea, taking a bite from your banana muffin and then … something moves in the corner of your eyes.

No, you think, that can’t be true. That can’t be a leopard. Leopards don’t like to keep the company of people. So, you take another sip from your tea. But wait a minute, it is a leopard strolling in your direction. You grab your phone and start filming, almost instinctively and when the leopard reappears from behind a bush, you’ve got him in your frame.

The funny thing is that you feel no fear: the leopard walks around the car but doesn’t even blink an eye in your direction. He is completely unfazed by your presence. He scratches himself on a tree and strolls off into the thick bush. You (and your guide and company) pinch yourselves: did that just really happen? Well, here is the video to prove it…