A common resident and yet always a good surprise to find: A spotted eagle owl perched on a branch while you are on a night drive.

Easy to recognise and identify with its conspicuous ear-tufts and large yellow eyes, this night flyer also goes by the name of African eagle owl.

This owl can sit so contemplative and pretty on a branch, observing the world below. It is easy to understand why we have over the centuries attributed wisdom to owls.

Like most other owls, spotted eagle owls hunt at night, using their excellent eyesight to catch small mammals, birds, reptiles and large insects. Spotted eagle owls find a perch and look for their prey below, swooping down to catch it with their large talons and sharp beaks. They can also catch birds and insects mid-air. Later on this owl was spotted with a dung beetle in its claw – probably just an appetiser before dinner.