Rhinos are fiercely territorial which doesn’t make them Mother Nature’s most social animals. Especially once they reach adulthood they mainly travel solo.

Adolescents show somewhat different behaviour which is why we see our youngsters in the reserve stick together. You see them at times in pairs or threesomes, and sometimes just wondering on their own.

During an afternoon drive, just before dusk, we were witnessing a happy social gathering of some sorts, which almost looked like a dance or play-fight. It seems (dehorned) horn bumping is typical in greeting and bonding. It can sometimes lead to something more aggressive, especially now that our young female among them will reach the age of fertility at some point. But in this instance their greeting was so cheerful and playful that it made us all feel so privileged to witness these magnificent rhinos ‘dance’ and ‘greet’ from only a couple of metres away.