The first story:

“As we drove up on the Middle Plains last week we were struck by a strange sighting in the far: loads of white dots that were densely sprinkled. What was it? We drove a bit closer, but not too close as we didn’t want to disturb whatever it was. Through our binoculars and through the zoom lens we could finally make out what that odd sight was: a giant flock of white storks that had found a safe place to catch their breath and snack a bit. More storks came flying in and we gathered that they were in a meet-up to get ready for the long flight to the Northern hemisphere. As soon as the sun warmed up the earth, the flock took off in a huge swarm, helped by the thermal to get their cruising altitude towards the North.”

And the other encounter:

“John, our enthusiastic guide, helped to get our bird count up to 143 in our 10-day stay, the highest count of all our visits. Most notable and unusual was the sighting in the open space around Two Cribs of a large flock of a few hundred White Storks. They were most likely on an overnight stop-over on their migration northwards to their European summer nesting grounds. An interesting article on the hazards faced by White Storks on their migration is covered in an article titled ‘Bird that solved migration mystery now illegally killed on its journey.'”

See the Website: ‘Focusing on

At least the storks were able to enjoy a peaceful overnight rest in Limpopo Lipadi!

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