For three consecutive days, we welcomed three-game drive vehicles full of local school children, enjoying a day in the Reserve, tracking the animals. 28 lively 9 & 10-year-olds with their teachers were expertly shown around by Limpopo-Lipadi’s guides. Neatly dressed, armed with notebooks and pens, they were, of course, looking forward to seeing lions, leopards, wild dogs, rhinos and elephants. Which they mostly did and it was obvious that they had a whale of a time. Motswana children (and adults) don’t always get the opportunity to observe the animals that are indigenous to their region up close in the wild. And of one thing we can be certain: if they enjoy the animals in their natural habitat, they may be more inclined to see their beauty and to understand the need to preserve them for now and for future generations. Ideally, they will learn at school, as well as by these visits, about the web of life and how the bushes, insects and soil are important to a healthy environment. And without those, there would be no big animals. Hopefully, at least some of them will become keen supporters of the Reserve. Some may even want to become part of the Reserve’s staff of the future. We in return feel it as our responsibility to create jobs for the people from the communities that surround us, so they can learn invaluable skills that can help their development and career opportunities, also outside of the Tuli Block. At the end of the school’s visits, the children thanked the guides and staff of Limpopo-Lipadi with some funny songs and dances (see videos). No doubt their stories will be revisited at school and at home. But can we say that the pleasure of having those children at the Reserve was entirely ours? To be continued, no doubt!