Leopard in tree

Mon 13 May 2019

A slow morning, not much happening, it was heating up quickly, so we decided to head back to the lodge. Passing the ‘leopard tree’ where we sometimes see the occasional leopard up on a branch, one of the passengers in the car said, more out of habit than that she was really looking: “No leopard today.”

We turned half an eye to watch the empty tree. But wait a minute, stop! There was a leopard snoozing on a thick branch with her legs lazily dangling down. We moved a bit closer without disturbing her. She was so close and laying there so prettily, with a very very full belly. She had probably just come back from a heavy night of hunting and eating.

After an awestruck stare from us and from her part a total ignoring of us, she decided that she’d had enough of this and jumped down from the tree. Off into the bush, probably to digest whatever had crossed her path during the night…