During their last stay at Limpopo-Lipadi Anneke and Gerben van de Wetering were so lucky to break their own – already very impressive – record in bird viewing. Here is one of the stories from their recent visit:

“Limpopo-Lipadi has such a diverse wildlife. After only six visits to the reserve, I’ve already counted 210 bird species and I am sure this will grow with every visit. Everything from the elusive Pel’s Fishing Owl to a vast variety of raptors. Up to now, we have found three species of Courses on the reserve – Bronze-winged, Temminck’s and the Three-banded Courser. Lastly named is one of the more difficult birds to find in Southern Africa and many birders will go to great lengths to find this entirely nocturnal bird. Although it has a wide distribution, there are few places where this bird is commonly seen. It favours dry and open patches between Mopani and Miombo woodland. At Limpopo-Lipadi we have only seen them late night at Southern and Middle plains, like on this occasion.”

Photo: Gerben van de Wetering