Breath-taking: the exhilarating climb up Lipadi Hill

Mon 15 Jul 2019

Located in the midst of the rather flat area of the Tuli Block we are lucky to have a few very nice ‘koppies’ that we all use as points of reference when driving around the Reserve. We have stunning views from Oppie Koppie, which you can reach by game drive vehicle. Or Black Rock which you can circumvent by car and climb (but beware: this is a favourite spot of the occasional hyena, leopard and the lion pride, although usually not at the same time!). And there are some more koppies. But the highest hill is Lipadi Hill, which you can hike up via a relatively accessible path in 30 to 40 minutes, depending on your stamina and the amount of breath-taking views you want to take in along the way. Enjoy a stunning view over Limpopo Province in South Africa, recognising the Limpopo River as that green strip meandering through the savannah. Or look out over the Middle Plains and discover the herds of animals in the far distance. From this height you get a very different perspective of the Reserve.

The hike is best done in the early morning or when it’s cloudy. And don’t forget to wear some good shoes, a hat and always bring some water with you. Also, for good measure: take one of our guides with you: you won’t be the first to meet (or hear) a leopard or lion up there…