Happy memories of shareholder Martina, where she expected the unexpected:

“During one of our visits, we decided to spend a couple of morning drives in the different hides of the Reserve. On the first morning, we went just out on a drive to have coffee in the middle of nature as a good start of the day. But believe me, it was a very busy morning. At first, we only saw the usual suspects: a lot of helmeted guinea fowls and impalas. But just when I was trying to have my first cup of coffee, two rare oryx antelopes came for drinking – so we forgot the coffee and made beautiful photos. The next candidate for the photoshoot was a python coming out for the morning sun.

We tried it again with a fresh and warm cup of coffee, but then suddenly every bird in the area was screeching and complaining. All the animals ran away from the waterhole except five guinea fowls that stood very close to the hide without any movement, all staring in the same direction. A few seconds later we understood why: the King was coming, and he was not alone.

The whole lion pride walked down to have some refreshment at the water. They spent a lot of time just in front of us and sometimes when they were looking at the hide we felt sure that they knew they were not alone. So again, no coffee but instead some great camera shots!

The moral to the oral: you can never be sure that you have time to drink your coffee when you spend your morning in a hide. While we stayed quietly in hiding, we saw elands and a single wild dog at Mbusi and at Mogorosi a leopard joined us for breakfast. Never a dull moment at Limpopo-Lipadi…”

Photography by: Martina Glatzl