Scary moments: charging to protect the breeding herd

Mon 19 Aug 2019

If you ask one of our guides which animal they fear most, they unequivocally answer: elephant. Gentle giants usually, but oh so unpredictable if you unexpectedly bump into them where the bush is thick, when a bull is in musth or when the breeding herd is around. In this instance we were driving up to Mbusi waterhole to check out whether there was something going on – animal wise. And so we saw that the breeding herd was drinking and splashing around. We immediately stopped the car and waited to see what would happen.

But then there was this protective bull coming out of the bush getting ready to mock charge. We soon found out that there was not much ‘mock’ going on, as he started to sway his head and came running in our direction. And as the ultimate show-off of his power he took a bow, impressing us even more, by going down on one knee. And so we respectfully (and swiftly) drove away from the herd, a bit shaken by the display of power by this magnificent elephant.