Sometimes you are woken during the night or in the early hours of the morning by a sound that can be so unsettling that your limbic system responds with shivers before your mind realises it is… a lion’s roar.

Although it may sound like the lion is at your doorstep, he may be very far away, as the sound of his mighty roar travels very far. Anyway, if a lion is your wake-up call why not check out his (or their) whereabouts on your morning game drive!

Once in the car one of the guides radios that two lions were heard and seen along the southern fence, so off you go in that direction to see what you can find. It doesn’t take long to pick up the tracks and fresh droppings and within minutes it is peekaboo from behind a bush to spot the first lion. And not much later there’s number two, now leisurely strolling side by side to find a good spot to chill off the long night.

On a sandy patch of the road they decide to hang out, making for a roadblock that you didn’t anticipate this morning. But that’s how it is: the lion is king, so you turn the car around and take a different route to whatever surprise lies around the next bend.