A hike along the mighty Limpopo River

Mon 16 Sep 2019

Limpopo-Lipadi is proud to have 14 kilometres of beautiful Limpopo river frontage, with its precious ecosystem and riverine trees and bush. Due to dams more upstream and some years of less than expected rains, the river runs almost dry in the winter, but in summer the Limpopo River becomes a mighty river again.

The dry riverbed and the riverbanks lend themselves excellently for exploration, especially in the cooler mornings of winter and spring. And with the bush at its thinnest it is also the least dangerous time of year to venture off into the wilderness. After all, the riverbanks are home to all kinds of animals like impala, bushbuck, but also to leopard, hyena, croc, hippo and elephant.

On a cool Sunday morning, our guide Actor (with a shotgun for safekeeping) and some shareholders drove to the eastern side of the reserve and got out for a good walk of about 7 kilometres. Along the way they enjoyed the views, the beautiful trees, not to forget a very nice stretch of legs… Enough tracks of animals, like elephant, leopard, antelopes, but apart from a thirsty throat and the occasional bushbuck and impala, nothing alarming enough to mention happened, luckily. Coffee and muffins were a well-deserved treat when they got back at the car.

So if you have an upcoming visit and you want to see the reserve and river from a different perspective, this is really an experience to put on your wish list.