The driest period of the year is upon us and animals are trying to find the increasingly scarce water sources at the reserve, which makes this an excellent time to do game viewing. Although admittedly, there are some animals that you hardly ever find, even in this bone-dry season. The elusive bush pig is one such creature that hardly ever shows his snout, especially not during daytime.

This makes it all the more surprising that we have recently had so many recorded sightings of sounders (family or group) of bush pigs in broad daylight, and some more individuals on the loose that were not shy to come out to drink and bathe.

After four years of well-below-average rains, and with food sources becoming scarcer in the thick bush, they are now also active during the day to forage, drink and wallow in the mud. We just love finally laying our eyes on these feisty creatures. We used to wonder whether they really existed, but judging by the many sightings, they absolutely do!