Summer is here and it is getting hot out there, so we need to protect ourselves from the blistering sun. But it’s not just us humans who need to watch out for sunburn. Some animals do too.

At our waterholes, you frequently see animals like rhino, warthogs and elephants taking mud baths. The mud acts as great sun protection and a way to smother ticks and other unwanted guests. Elephants like to play in the dirt and for good reason! Though their hide looks tough, elephants have sensitive skin that can get sunburned. That is why we often see them coming out of a bath at a waterhole or by the river, throwing dust, mud or sand over themselves and their young as a layer of protection.

So, if you’ve forgotten your sunscreen on a game drive, you could resort to a little wallow in the mud and some dusting afterwards. You will find yourself in good company.