For many of us, sundowner time is the best time of the day. The golden hour just before the sun sets creates the most beautiful light for photography, nocturnal animals come out, and it is the time for drinks at a well-chosen spot to enjoy the light, the animals and the company you’re in. So as shareholder Martina was preparing for her sundowner one night, things went a bit differently than she had anticipated. This is her account:

One evening, we were looking for a nice place to stretch our legs and have a sundowner. We decided to check one of the waterholes as a good spot, but upon arrival we found the waterhole already occupied by a really relaxed leopard. After drinking the leopard strolled toward a trunk and decided to lie down under it, right in front of our game viewer.

The leopard enjoyed the last rays of the sun and did not even bother to stand up when a—usually feisty—bush pig arrived. Making the best of the moment we decided to have our drinks in the jeep. There was simply too much traffic, so we thought it best to enjoy it and relax.

Photos: Martina Glatzl