Bird photography is a special form of wildlife observation. It requires a good eye and a good camera. With the enormous variety of bird species at Limpopo-Lipadi, it is definitely worthwhile to invest a bit of time and effort into birding. Many of us record the species we see, we look them up in our Roberts Bird Guide, and we read the bush by paying attention to the behaviour of birds. Others want to capture the birds on photo, which is not as simple as it may sound. Martina recently tried her luck and skills with her new camera while focusing on birds in flight. This is her story:

During my last visit I brought my new camera to the reserve and I decided to capture good photos of birds in flight. Our guide, who is most familiar with the names of all the birds, showed the ones we spotted in a special bird book.

He was so very patient with us—stopping for every bird, on every tree, and waiting for us to try and take the perfect photo. I think the results were not bad.

Photos: Martina Glatzl