A fan of Gary Player, who had watched him hole a shot from a bunker, said to him, “that was a bit of luck”. Player replied: “Yes, I suppose so, but I find that the more I practise, the luckier I get.” We find that the same applies to game viewing. The more time you spend on the reserve, and especially at waterholes, the more likely you are to see some very special events.

We had been practising very hard when we found four adult lions, drinking at Mbusi. We were thrilled to watch and film them until they had all left—or so we thought. Fortunately, we decided to stay put for our sundowners.

Just as I reached for the Gordon’s, Jill said: “One is coming back.” But, it was actually another young female, closely followed by her two new cubs. This was the very first time they had been seen by anyone. What a thrill!

Photos and video: Clive Bennett