Shareholder Guido recently had an incredible week at the reserve. This is his story:

“What a lot of exciting experiences we had during our stay! For several weeks there had been no reported cheetah sightings. Some even suggested that they were no longer here. On one of our morning drives, we were pleasantly surprised to see one of the cheetah brothers at Cabbage Dam.

Even our guide was thrilled to spot him. The cheetah was very relaxed, drinking some water, apparently after a good meal, as his belly looked full. We watched him for a good 15 minutes until another vehicle appeared at the other side and he decided to leave.

It was an amazing experience, but it was not the only one worth mentioning. We also witnessed two kills by the lion pride and a beautiful sighting of a klipspringer at Lipadi Hill. What can we say, other than it was an amazing week!”

Photos: Guido van Toorenburg